RS Aero Worlds


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CountryUnited States
Sail number2276
Sailing clubCedar Point YC
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Worlds results

2018Aero 9-Weymouth, England - WPNSA1
2017Aero 9-Carnac, France - YC Carnac1

Other results

2019Aero 9 - North American Midwinters-Palm Beach, FL (USA)1
2019Aero 9 - Florida State Championship-US Sailing Center, FL (USA)1
2019Aero - Midwinter Regatta-Sarasota Sailing Squadron, (USA)1
2019Aero - Rocket Regatta-Indian River YC (USA)1
2019Aero - Massapoag YC Small Boat Regatta,-Sharon (USA)1
2019Aero - Wickford Regatta-Rhode Island (USA)1
2018Aero - Ward Bell memorial-Hempstead Harbour club (USA)1
2018Aero - 69th Annual Regatta-Massapoag YC (USA)1
2018Aero - Quahog Dinghy Regatta-Bristol YC (USA)1
2018Aero - Sanford Sailfest Regatta-Lake Monroe SA (USA)1
2018Aero - Massapoag YC Small Boat Regatta-Sharon (USA)1
2018Aero - Wickford Regatta-Rhode Island (USA)1
2018Aero 7 - RS Aero Midwinter Regatta-Palm Beach SC / Sailfish Club of Florida (USA)1
2018Aero - Florida State Championship-US Sailing Center, Jensen Beach, FL (USA)1
2018Aero - Newport Regatta-Newport RI (USA)2
2018Aero - One Design Midwinter Regatta-Sarasota Sailing Squadron, FL (USA)4
2018Aero - North American Championship-Galveston (USA)4
2017Aero 9 - Florida State Championships-US Sailing Center of Martin County (USA)1
2017Aero - Quahog Regatta-BYC (USA)1
2017Aero - Santa Sailfest Regatta-Lake Monroe Sailing Association, Sanford, Florida (USA)1
2017Aero - 68th Annual Regatta-Massapoag YC (USA)1
2017Aero - 10th Annual Small Boat Regatta-Massapoag YC (USA)1
2017Aero - Memorial Day Regatta-Alamitos Bay YC (USA)1
2017Aero 9 - North American Midwinters- (USA)1
2017Aero - North American Championship-Newport, RI (USA)2
2017Aero - Texas State Championships-Conroe YC (USA)2
2017Aero - Newport Regatta- (USA)2
2017Etchell - Atlantic Coast Championship- (USA)4
2016Aero - Newport Regatta- (USA)1
2016Aero - 67th Annual Regatta-Massapoag Yacht Club (USA)1
2016Aero - USA Gulf Coast Championships-Houston (USA)1
2016Aero 9 - US National Championship-Columbia Gorge RA (USA)2
2016Aero - Massapoag YC Regatta-Massapoag YC (USA)2
2016Aero - USA Speed Challenge-Columbia (USA)6
2015Laser - Masters Atlantic Coast Championship-BRANT BEACH YC (GBR)4
2015Laser - Worldchampionship Masters-Cork (CAN)4
2013Laser - Masters North American Championships-New York YC (USA)1
2012Laser - US Masters Championship-Brant Beach (USA)1
2007Laser - US Nationals-Lake Champlain (USA)21
2003Laser - US Nationals-Sayville (USA)8
2000Laser - Australian Nationals-Mooloolaba (AUS)28
1999Laser - NA Championship-Puerto Vallartew (MEX)12
1998Laser - Australian Nationals- (AUS)6
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